About Us at Delphian Books

Delphian Books was established by Ron Proft and Kristina Proft. They are an experienced book editor and graphic designer who have teamed up to become a boutique publisher.

Ron’s background is in the advertising industry and Kristina was a book editor and indexer for a legal publisher. They went into business in 1991 as New Frontier Creative Services and began the Delphian Books division in 2005.

"We love producing good quality books, but even more than this, we enjoy getting to know authors and working closely with them. We'll meet with our clients as often as needed to help them produce the book they will be delighted with."

Who we are

We are the principal designer and editor, but a small number of excellent consultants swell the ranks at Delphian Books. Their skills are invaluable for achieving quality work that is delivered on time.

We are based in Sydney, but we have clients in Melbourne, Auckland and London. We can give you personal, responsive service even while working remotely!

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Kristina Proft

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Ron Proft