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Upcoming title: The Murals of the Catholic Institute of Sydney by Anne Kearney

​Anne Kearney, one-time artist in residence at the Catholic Institute of Sydney, created a series of murals at the Institute some years ago. Accomplished in ceramics and theology, she was commissioned to make works encompassing the themes of Creation, the Cross and the apology to Indigenous Australians, among others. This book follow...
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We have moved!

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Delphian Books has relocated from the leafy surrounds of North Epping, to the vibrant north-west! Our new address is: 29 Mile End Road, Rouse Hill, NSW 2155 And our new telephone number is 02 8625 5530 . Please keep in touch – We'd love to hear from you!
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Doing right by copyright

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When writing for any purpose, we often need to call on the words of others to make a point, or expand on an argument. Greater minds than our own have expressed ideas far better than we have and we have learned from them. We quote them in our work to add weight to our own arguments and purposes. But what is the law on quoting from the work of others...
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eBook launch: The Kingdom of Wolves

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Men on the land - stalked by the "black wolf" One of our authors, Charles (Chick) Olsson, has launched a pictorial book about a powerful man suffering from depression. Moved by the near tragedy of a close friend and the plight of other farmers he has met in Queensland, Charles has been working to promote awareness of the numbers of men who are not ...
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Time to remind your yearbook writers!

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A couple of schools have already given us copy and photos to start their yearbooks. They are the super organised ones!  But even if they don't have all their information your head teachers can be collecting photos from during the year and creative arts teachers can be be selecting works to showcase. Performing arts teachers probably have photo...
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It's time to plan ahead ... School yearbook planning

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It probably feels like you've just finished the last one, but thinking about your yearbook now will make the whole process run more smoothly later in the year. How did your last yearbook go? Was it delivered on time? Were you happy with the print quality and binding? Were the articles free of errors or did the last minute rush mean that a few mista...
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Proofreading: the finishing touch to your writing

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You've spent ages on some written work, you're happy with the result and now you are ready to submit it. ​ But has someone else proofread it for you?It's a really good idea to engage a proofreader, because often you are too close to your work to see the errors. ​ Typographical or grammatical errors can distract from your written communication and y...
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Gilbert Mane's first thriller available from Amazon

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Published by Delphian Books, The Revelation of the Elders is the first in Gilbert Mane's Elders Series. These are fast-paced conspiracy thrillers with occult and historical themes (and, typically for Gilbert, a few Jewish jokes).  In this book, Aaron Stern, a young man with a big secret, is living the California Dream. But his world is turned ...
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Book editing and design for self-publishers

Amazon's CreateSpace lays off designers and editors Amazon's CreateSpace division will be cutting staff in their editing, design and marketing divisions. The CreateSpace division has offered these services to self-publishers since its inception, but authors will now have to source these services elsewhere. The division will continue to offer the PO...
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From printed book to eBook

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Have you thought of relaunching your printed book as an eBook? Authors are becoming more interested in releasing books in a digital format as well as in print. One of our authors, Gilbert Mane, has undertaken a marketing campaign incorporating his new fiction series. It involves guiding readers to his books via Facebook advertising. But that's anot...
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Schools: it’s time to plan your yearbook!

Teachers know stressful it can be put a school yearbook together. It's a really big job to obtain a lot of content in the form of copy and images from the staff, who are busy enough already. At Delphian Books, we recommend that you make a plan and start early. If you've got the job of producing your school yearbook, you need to organise the people ...
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