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Book Launch: The Murals of the Catholic Institute of Sydney


It is always exciting to attend a launch of one of our books, and Anne Kearney's was no exception. It was a wonderfully edifying event held at the Catholic Institute of Sydney, Strathfield. The book was introduced by Professor Gerard Moore (Head of School, Charles Sturt University), who spoke with such sensitive appreciation of Anne's writing, her creativity and her works made for the CIS.

The Institute itself is a beautiful building – a marriage of two styles: 19th century and late-20th century. The launch was held in the mezzanine of the modern building, while Anne's ceramic murals grace the walls of a peaceful courtyard behind the early building. To see the works in situ after closely working with the text of the book was lovely – they were so alive. The Institute is also home to an oil on canvas by Anne, called The Woman at the Well.

The production values of the book were also praised, which was very heartening for Delphian Books!

The Murals of the Catholic Institute of Sydney is available from the Institute for $25. Please phone (02) 9752 9500.

... the Institute courtyard is framed by another discourse. It is not with words, but with images, not with typeset but with colour, not with screens but with hard unmoving solid tiles. It is at once a fluid discourse, dependent on the light, the eye of the beholder, the speed of the passers-by, the inner strength of the works, the tensile nature of the walls, and the fluctuating context of the church itself. Yes, the walls have been given voice.

Gerard Moore
Professor Gerard Moore and Anne Kearney
The Woman at the Well, by Anne Kearney Catholic Institute of Sydney, Strathfield
School yearbooks delivered on time!
Upcoming title: The Murals of the Catholic Institu...

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