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From printed book to eBook

Creating eBooks

Have you thought of relaunching your printed book as an eBook?

Authors are becoming more interested in releasing books in a digital format as well as in print. One of our authors, Gilbert Mane, has undertaken a marketing campaign incorporating his new fiction series. It involves guiding readers to his books via Facebook advertising. But that's another story.

Gilbert has relaunched of one of his non-fiction titles. Delphian Books originally published 7 Steps to Freedom as a paperback and Gilbert asked us about converting it to an eBook. We produced two digital files for him: a mobi file (for Kindle) and an epub file (for iBooks and most other eReaders) and this title is being given new life. Gilbert is now selling 7 Steps via Amazon, iBook, Nook and Kobo, so it can now be purchased from these retailers and it can be read on iPads, Kindles or other eReaders.

So when you are thinking about eBooks, don't just consider your new titles. Look at your print titles. Maybe they can be re-released!

Delphian Books will happily assist you with publishing your eBook.

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