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Proofreading: the finishing touch to your writing

First-Grammarian. Grammar, editing and proofreading

You've spent ages on some written work, you're happy with the result and now you are ready to submit it. 
But has someone else proofread it for you?

It's a really good idea to engage a proofreader, because often you are too close to your work to see the errors. 
Typographical or grammatical errors can distract from your written communication and your work may look careless.

These days, not everyone is good at grammar. After all, schools stopped teaching formal grammar in the seventies. 
Thankfully, several decades later, it has been re-introduced, but now many people are unsure of the grammar
basics. But help is at hand! 

At Delphian Books, our in-house editors will proofread,
sub-edit or structurally edit your reports, brochures or manuscripts, paying
close attention to spelling, usage, consistency of style and grammar.  

We offer fast turn-around and reasonable rates, so feel free to call us on 02 9876 1050.
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