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This year, do your family history!


Maybe you've been thinking about recording your family's remarkable history, or a grandparent's life story. Perhaps you've been working on your own memoirs.
Well done on making a start, but where to next?
That's where we come in.
With over 20 years of publishing experience, Delphian Books has produced self-published titles such as non-fiction works, family histories, biographies, novels and children's books.
You don't have to be a 'writer'. We'll help you record your stories every step of the way!
We'll turn your story into a beautiful book. We offer the complete service by

  • Assisting with your book's structure 
  • Scanning/retouching photos
  • Editing and proofreading 
  • Professional graphic design of cover and text content
  • Conventional printing in hard or soft cover, from a handful to 1000s
  • Publish as eBooks or Amazon print-on-demand

Leaving a legacy by producing your family history, life story or memoir for future generations has never been easier or more affordable.
Call us to learn how we can bring your story to life!

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Write family memoirs in ISO
School yearbooks delivered on time!

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