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Write family memoirs in ISO


Most of us have been in isolation for 6 weeks now. And we are probably well and truly over it! Time for a new project. Let this be an opportunity to find out about our older family members. 

I recently read an article by a SMH journalist who asked her elderly mum how her parents had met. Her mum was some distance from her so their only contact was over the phone. What resulted from the call was a touching recount of her parents' early relationship that the daughter had never heard.

Such conversations can be deeply satisfying and meaningful, but what an opportunity to gain stories from our older family members! 

  • Let's start those family memoirs we have 'always meant to' do! 
  • Go through the boxes of photos. (You've been meaning to do that too, right!) 
  • Call up your older relatives and ask about their parents. 
  • Go to ancestry.com 
  • Start that memoir! There's no time like ISO for writing! 

If you'd like to publish your memoir, contact us at Delphian Books. We'd love to help!

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This year, do your family history!

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