Two orphan boys, subjected to horrors in a depraved abbey, are rescued and plan their ingenious revenge. Fiendishly funny. Religiously irreverent.

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Since birth, Ernesto and Jizzo have been trapped in the hideously depraved Smegvily Abbey, where the powerful, evil forces of the Dark Council have taken over the minds of the priests whose morals are long forgotten.

Lucifer, God’s underworld son, has problems of his own, while his evil minions in the Dark Council are pitted against the powerful Smokavik family, the true heirs being those orphan boys.

Cardinal Giacomo, however, is a man whose faith, and feeling towards Human- and Animal-kind are goodness personified, but he has a problem brother called Ottarino whose true purpose in life has not yet been revealed…

This is a tale set variously in Rome and the Carpathian mountains (and other parts of the universe) ranging over time scales from the beginning of creation to the present day. It is a fight between good and evil, power and passion, revenge and the meaning of life.

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About the author

Polymath, entrepreneur and intrepid adventurer into the human psyche, Charles R. Olsson has spent decades researching, experimenting and meditating upon all aspects of consciousness.

His fearless, muscular approach to uncovering important truths has brought him into conflict with powerful politicians and radio broadcasters. His address remains unknown as his predilection for astral travel has him oscillating between planes of existence.


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