From manuscript to printed book

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One manuscript: years of dedicated work.

Our latest publishing project is complete. Let us show you the process: from manuscript to printed book.

​We start where the author has finished. The manuscript. The result, sometimes, of years of work. In this case, Lauder Scott-Rogers has researched the life of his grandfather, Richard Sanders Rogers, an eminent South Australian surgeon, naturalist and orchidologist.

This is how it happened:

1. Editing and proofreading. We meticulously edited the manuscript, liaising closely with the author.

2. Design. Our graphic designer presented internal styles and cover designs.

3. Photos and illustrations. We used high-resolution photos and enhanced them in Photoshop.

4. Preliminary pages: An ISBN was allocated, Prepublication information was registered with the National Library and a Copyright statement was inserted.

5. Formatting: The book was formatted in InDesign, a professional graphic design software.

6. Final approval by author.

7. Printing. The book was set up with a print-on-demand supplier that takes care of sales and distribution.