The Imprint Page

Let us take care of all these important details for you:

  • Assigning ISBNs
  • National Library prepublication information (previously known as cataloguing-in-publication information)
  • Barcodes
  • Copyright statement

This service is included with all our publishing services at no extra cost.

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ISBNs and NLA cataloguing

An ISBN (International Standard Book Number) is the global standard for identifying books and is a necessary part of publishing a book. By assigning an ISBN, a book can be catalogued by the National Library of Australia. The ISBN is also used to generate the barcode and helps to make your book more discoverable. This information makes up the text on the Imprint page, usually found on the reverse of the title page.

Once your book is published, we will supply a copy to the National Library and your State Library under the Legal Deposit scheme on your behalf. This scheme ensures a permanent record of publishing in Australia, and your book becomes part of Australia’s publishing history!

Copyright statement

As publishers we are aware of copyright issues relating to protecting your work. As an author, and therefore copyright owner, you have rights that prevent unauthorised use of your work by others. This right exists in Australia, even without the copyright notice used on your imprint page.

The same is true for the work of other illustrators, authors or photographers, so we advise care in images used in cover artwork and quotes reproduced in your book. If using the work of other creators, permissions must be sought. As an author, you are responsible for your work and it is important not to infringe on the rights of others.

Here are some Australian websites providing information on legal issues affecting publishers: