Book design

Your book will be designed by industry Pros

At Delphian Books we value design and typography. Font choices and layout of a text of a book make a huge difference to its readability and elegance.

Cover design

eaders and book buyers do judge books by their covers, in spite of the adage. So you will be giving a lot of thought to the cover of your book.
A cover will use a combination of typography, image and a small amount of text. It will show the title (and subtitle if there is one) and the author’s name.
As a starting point, when considering your cover, ask yourself:

  • How can this cover help to market my book?
  • How can I reach and attract my readers using imagery?
  • Does it adequately indicate what your book is about? Or does it need to?

These questions are just a way of stimulating ideas for your design. We will work with you and execute your ideas, or we can create the complete design for you.

Internal design

A professionally designed book stands out from a template in that it will be unique to your content and subject matter. We will import your text files and images and produce beautifully typeset pages.

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