Book editing services

Copy editing, sub-editing and proofreading

Proofreading is an important part of the production process. An author’s manuscript will always benefit from another set of eyes, no matter how experienced the author is or how many times they have read it. Writers can become so close to their work that they see what should be there and can miss simple errors.

Our in-house editor will proofread your manuscript with meticulous attention to grammar, punctuation, sense and spelling. If your book needs more work, such as in structure of sentences or chapterisation, a full edit or sub-edit can be carried out for you.

When revising your content we will:

  • Edit grammar, spelling, capitalisation, punctuation, hyphenation, and abbreviation errors.
  • Rewrite wordy sentences or paragraphs.
  • Draw attention to inconsistencies
  • Indicate missing numbering and references
  • Work with you on revisions for a final clean version.

All editing is carried out with changes tracked for your approval.

Fees: Our editing fees are $60 per hour and an estimate can be given on examining your manuscript before work begins.

For example, a 30,000 word document would take around 15 hours, unless rewriting is involved.


If your work is non-fiction, an index will greatly add to its usefulness and value. We have a professional indexing service if needed.

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