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Working together and within your budget, we will have your printed books looking fantastic! And, importantly, delivered on time.

We will advise print specifications, such as paper weights and finishes (eg, gloss, matt or matt-celloglaze) for book covers and you can decide whether the cover will be soft, hard, or soft with turnover flaps (this costs a bit more but looks and feels great!).

The internals of your book need thought also. Paper should be chosen in accordance with your text content, weight (postage costs) and to suit the market of your book. 

Digital or offset printing?

Our print capabilities are from 20+ copies and we will recommend the print run to suit your budget. Digital printing is now of such quality that small print runs look almost as good as offset printing. With offset print runs above 400 copies, the costs will be less, the more we print.
CMYK colours used in printing process
books flying concept for books printed overseas

Local or overseas printers?

We utilise several excellent Sydney and Gold Coast printers whose quality in digital and offset printing we have come to trust over the years.

However we also use a very high quality printer in China. The prices are cheaper, but the production time is six weeks longer than local production (about two weeks or less). This is a good option if time is not crucial.

Print on Demand

Several large online retailers (Amazon, iBooks, Kobo, IngramSpark) offer Print on Demand (POD) for self-publishers. This is a way of accessing international markets without having to worry about printing or distribution. Royalties for books sold are sent regularly to clients. Delphian Books will assist by formatting your title in the precise specifications for POD.


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