Family histories, life stories & memoirs

Record your family history

Every family is unique and has stories worth recording. It may not seem important now, but as children grow up and take an interest in their heritage, you may see that it is time to gather stories from grandparents and great-grandparents.

Researching your ancestors can take a lot of work, but imagine the delight of family members on receiving a book about their family. It would be gift for future generations. There are many online websites available now, giving guidance on how to begin the process. The National Library of Australia, for example, has a fantastic research page.

And there are other ways to tell a family story. Recently, one of our clients wrote a children’s story based on the life of her father. The Boy from the Murray was set in Echuca, Victoria, on the Murray River. We produced her 80-page book as a self-published title and printed 80 copies. The author gave every grandchild and great-grandchild a copy for Christmas and the rest she gave to friends. It was so popular that she has just ordered a reprint.

So whatever form your family story takes, don’t leave it till it’s too late. Start speaking with relatives about their life stories and your shared ancestors. It can be most rewarding.

boy from murray

Life stories and memoirs

At Delphian books, we will help you to get into print your life story, family history, novel, fantasy fiction, poems, true crime stories or anything you want to see in book form.

We can help you to publish your memoir or biography, edit an existing manuscript or simply publish the manuscript as it stands, once it has been checked and edited as necessary. We will typeset it and come up with a great design suitable to your story or biography.

When your book it ready to be released we can make it available in Australia and worldwide in ebook format, paperback or hardback, using Amazon, iBooks, Kobo or IngramSpark.

Let the world know about your amazing life story, or someone else’s incredible life. We are competitively priced and you pay only for the service you need.

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