Self-publishing Non-fiction

Now is an exciting time to be an author of non-fiction books! This is especially because of the benefits of technology and the ability to reach greater markets. At Delphian Books, we assist you in publishing your non-fiction titles, such as textbooks, biographies, business texts and other works. 

Indie Publishing

Delphian Books can set you up to be an independent publisher in control of your work. Non-fiction authors will benefit from the Indie Publishing model with their ability to revise and release updated versions of information and prescriptive works. Using Print on Demand and eBooks you will have the capability to have your book sell steadily, increasing the royalties you receive. With our expertise non-fiction authors are provided with the ability to regulate the price, timing of release and revisions.

Utilising technology will get more leverage for your non-fiction book. We will make it available in Australia and worldwide via online retail sites such as Amazon, IngramSparks, iBooks, to name some of the most well known. You can be an indie publisher and produce your titles in paperback, hardback and ebook formats.

Publishing with Delphian Books

Maybe you don’t want to worry about being an independent publisher. From concept to books in your hand, Delphian Books can look after the whole process. You can also publish under our own imprint.

Once we have produced your book, we can help with launching your book and marketing it. 


Non-fiction demands specific scheduling for best effect. Tying a non-fiction book’s publication to a calendar event is important to achieve a high impact in the market. Several of our authors conduct workshops where their book is the prescribed text for the course, ensuring a steady sale of their work. Delphian Books organises timely deliveries of their repinted titles at competitive prices.

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