Self-publishing Novels

Publish your novel

It is so exciting to see the creativity that can be unleashed in a novel. And there are new ways of getting your novel out there.

Gone are the days of having boxes of unsold books taking up space in your garage. Now you can print as few as 50 copies, which is enough to give to family and friends before you decide to turn your novel into an eBook and upload it to Amazon or go for Print on Demand.

We can help with all these options, whichever way you decide to go!

So if you have a manuscript gathering dust in a drawer, type it up into Word! Or maybe you have some short stories languishing on an old hard drive? Save it in the latest edition of Word. We will help you bring it to life! 

Punctuating dialogue for fiction

Punctuating your dialogue can bring up a few questions, such as:

  • Where do the closing quotations go – inside, or outside the punctuation?
  • Do I use single or double quotation marks?

For writing fiction for the Australian market, we recommend single quotation marks. ( ‘Like this…’)

For the American market, double quotation marks are the norm. ” … ” If quotes within quote occur, then change to single.

Sometimes your characters may have thoughts… It is usual to format that dialogue in italics, For example:

What on earth must she think of me? he mused. 

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Marketing your novel

Once you have published your novel, you’ll what to get it out there for the world to see it. 

But just because your novel is published, it doesn’t mean that it is discoverable. You need to make use of all your contacts. Don’t be shy! Tell ALL your friends using social media

How to post on your Facebook page